Step 1.  Complete online registration form.

Click here for registration information and steps


**Once the registration form has been submitted, we will call and/or email you to schedule a registration appointment.

Step 2.  Complete in-person registration

Please bring the following documents to your registration appointment…

*2 Proofs of Residency (Mortgage paperwork, Lease, Power/Gas bill etc...) 

• Identification (ID doesn’t necessarily HAVE to reflect new address) 

• Official copies of birth certificates for each child enrolled 

* Current immunization record/ Physical 

*Academic records (most recent report card)

• Custody documents, where applicable. 

*If you do not have access to academic or shot records, we can request them from the previous school once you have signed a consent form. 


Step 1.  Call (757) 686-2541 or email to schedule an appointment.

Step 2.  Please bring your picture ID when you come in for your appointment.