Mr. Tippit and Ms. Gardner would like to welcome our new 7th and 8th grade art students. We have many exciting art activities planned for you this year. Mr. Tippit will be sending home a syllabus with his students the first week of school and you can get a digital copy below. 

Art Applications syllabus 2017-2018.doc

Airbrush chello                                           printmaking example
1 point perspective

clay dragon


Tip of the day:

As art teachers, Mr. Tippit and Ms. Gardner are often asked what can a parent do to help encourage a student who in interested in art. Here are some ideas:
         1) Give them a sketchbook and encourage them to draw and write in it everyday.
          2) Let your child explore a variety of art materials such as different pens, different papers, sculpture, pastels, paints, etc..
           3) Give them "how to draw" books and videos. Those types of things teach students how to see the world as basic shapes.
          4) Keep their artwork organized and safe. You might just need to include samples of their art when applying for the Governor's school or the Art Scholars program.