Guidance Department Information

Welcome to the CHMS Guidance Department.  To contact your child’s counselor, please e-mail or call (757)686-2541.

             Mrs. Myers  – 7th Grade Counselor and Guidance Coordinator

                Ms. Williams  – 8th Grade Counselor

                MS. Joy Lang  Registration/Guidance Clerk

Each student is assigned to a grade level counselor. Counselors offer classroom guidance and individual and small group counseling. They also work closely with teachers and administrators to provide the best learning environment for each child. Counselors are available to parents on an individual basis for assistance with concerns that affect the student at home or school.

The middle school guidance counselors are available to all students. Often personal problems affecting school work may appear overwhelming. In many areas, these problems can be overcome by conferring with a trained counselor. Working together with teachers, administrators, and parents, the guidance counselors encourage a student's academic and personal growth. The following services are provided:

  • group counseling
  • individual counseling
  • conflict mediation
  • classroom guidance lessons
  • middle and high school scheduling (spring)


The guidance office is open daily from 3:00p.m. Registrations are done from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00p.m. 

Please bring the following items when you come to register:

  1.  Acceptable proof of residence* (see link)
  2. Certified birth certificate
  3. Custody orders (if applicable)
  4. Current immunization record
  5. Previous school report card or transfer form
  1. Any special education documents (IEP, 504, etc.)

Frequently asked questions

  1.  How does my child request to see his/her counselor?

    The child should request a guidance pass from his/her teacher and the teacher may submit a guidance referral.  The counselor will then request to see the child, making every effort to avoid core class time if possible.  If an emergency situation exists, the child may be written a pass directly to the guidance office to be seen immediately.

  2.  What if I have a question or concern about my child’s grade?

    The parent portal is an excellent resource for detailed grade reports.  The parent portal can also be used to e-mail teachers directly with questions and/or request a conference.  Parent portal access codes are available in the guidance office.

  3.  Will a student’s individual counseling session be kept confidential?

    If the nature of the counseling session is personal and private, then yes.  If the nature of the counseling session is educational, then a discussion with the child’s teachers or parent may be appropriate.  However, if the student reveals that he/she or someone else is in danger, the counselor has a “duty to inform”.

  4.  What if I want to request a change in my child’s schedule?

    Schedule change request forms are available in the guidance office.  Elective change requests must be submitted by the required deadline for each marking period.  All other schedule changes must be approved by an administrator and they will not always be granted.

  5.  We will be moving soon.  What must be done to withdraw my child from school?

    Please notify the guidance office one week in advance if possible.  Be sure that all textbooks and library books are returned.  The parent or guardian must present a picture I.D. and custody documentation (if applicable) to receive withdrawal paperwork.  The new school will request the student’s complete records via mail or fax.

  6.  How is the class scheduling/placement conducted?

Each spring, usually in March for 8th grade and May for 7th grade, scheduling takes place.  The counselor will review course offerings with students and send home an academic plan to be reviewed and signed by the parent.  Placement in core academic classes will be based on teacher recommendations and SOL scores.  The student and parent will choose elective classes and return the form to the guidance office.     Limited changes will be allowed after course selections have been turned into guidance.