School Nurse
School Nurse
Mrs. Jensen     757-686-2512 Option 3

PPS Immunization Info

To access the CDC COVID Data Tracker use the following website. Just add Virginia and Portsmouth on the right side where "state and metro area" fields are requested to see what the COVID rates are in our area. You will see information on the number of cases, deaths, and percent positivity rate for testing.

It’s a New Year
– time to try out and develop some healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Check out the links from Strong4Life to help you learn how to do them:

Journaling: become more aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and solve problems

Deep Breathing: helps you to slow down and pay attention to your body; improve focus and handling your emotions


focus on the present moment rather than worries to improve concentration and decrease anxiety

Progressive Muscle Relaxation:

helps calm our bodies and minds by slowly and progressively tensing and relaxing muscles

Guided Imagery:  uses words, images and all five senses to achieve a more relaxed state


Wear a mask

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