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Churchland Middle School


Churchland Middle School is located at 4051 River Shore Road in the northern section of Portsmouth known as Churchland.  It is next to Churchland Academy, an elementary school, at 4061 River Shore Road.  These two schools share 35.3 acres of land adjoining a residential neighborhood known as Merrifields.

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The campus of Churchland Middle School has seven athletic fields. The school, as well as Portsmouth recreation leagues, including the Churchland Softball Little League and the Churchland Soccer League, uses the soccer, softball, and t-ball fields. The school building, built in 1968, is three stories high with a square footage of 136,937. The building has a courtyard that works well as an outdoor classroom.  On the first floor, there is an open commons area, which allows for ease of student movement in changing classes.  Both the schools’ physical education classes and city’s basketball leagues use the full size gymnasium. The school cafeteria also can be used as an auditorium, seating audiences of up to 400.  Our fine arts department includes a band room, which can accommodate up to 125 musicians and a choral room with custom made raised platforms.


Over the years, increasing population of the Churchland area has led to a significant rise in the enrollment of Churchland Middle School.  The present enrollment is 950 students. The library/media center is large and spacious.  It is always open to meet the student's and teachers’ need for research and reading. The large computer lab in the madia center is available for all to use.

Parent Involvement

Churchland Middle School has an active Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).  PTA members have given luncheons, sponsored fundraisers, promoted book fairs, and have served as volunteers. PTA volunteers help to support the school improvement goals.

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